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What is Toolblox?

Toolblox is a no-code smart contract builder, specifically designed to manage workflows around digital twins. Digital twins are digital representations of real-world business objects such as documents, offers, parcels, loans, requests, harvests etc.

Building Web3 with Toolblox

Next-generation data driven apps workflow

  1. Create smart-contract with Toolblox plugin for ChatGPT. AI chat is also integrated into Toolblox.
  2. Build a DApp with no-code using
    • Toolblox no-code smart contract builder and auto-generation
    • Toolblox no-code DApp Maker
    • Integrate with other no-code tools. For example by using Toolblox plugin for Bubble
  3. Deploy to large nr of available blockchains (see supported chains)

No-code smart contract builder

The Toolblox Contract Maker allows to compose workflows which are then compiled into smart-contracts and deployed on a selected blockchain network.

Each workflow consist of a definition of an item, list of item states and state transitions. The workflow is represented visually in the editor as a state diagram.


A state-diagram based workflow is something which has been found across the industry to naturally fit the blockchain programming model. Here you can see a case-study by the Hyperledger Foundation detailing the sale of the item 'commercial paper' with its states and state transitions mapped out in a format suitable for a self-executing smart contract


The same example depicted above would look like this in the Contract Maker of Toolblox:

PaperNet example in Toolblox

Auto-generated user interface

Every transition in the workflow can be executed using the auto-generated user interface. Here is an example where, if the item is in status 'Offer made' two options become available in the UI: Accept or Reject.

Transition and UI

Decentralized application builder

In contrast to the auto-generated user interface Toolblox DApp Maker allows to fully customize the user journey and how the information is entered.

A DApp is a 'decenteralized application': while it might look like a normal web site, all inputs, validation and payments are handled by a smart contract deployed to a blockchain. In the case of Toolblox, the underlying data storage and functionality are delegated to workflows.

Here you can see an example DApp which uses the above example workflow as its underlying set of rules and storage:

DApp on the public web


Toolblox offers advanced integration scenarios. Use Toolblox plugin for ChatGPT to create new smart contracts or Toolblox plugin for Bubble to create beautiful, scalable DApps or Web3 MVPs.

DApps created with Toolblox DApp Maker can be integrated using our no-chrome iFrame integration approach.