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How to create any smart contract in 5 minutes

Let's go through a simple example and create a workflow of airline loyalty points. In this example:

  1. ChatGPT Toolblox GPT is used to create a miles token and a smart contract to use air miles.
  2. Contract is manually checked and amended in the Contract Maker
  3. Contract is deployed to the Polygon blockchain

Step 1. Create a smart contract with AI

Use ChatGPT Toolblox GPT or the integrated AI assistant to create a smart contract. Heres a video showing how to use the integrated AI assistant instead of ChatGPT:

Buy transition config

Step 2. Build and enhance with no-code

While AI generation is perfect to get up and running it is not perfect - its is up to the author to verify all states, transitions and properties are valid. Use the Contract Maker to go through every state and transition and amend if needed.

Step 3. Deploy to blockchain

Deployment is where Toolblox assembles the smart contract code out of verified and audited components and deploys to the selected blockchain. The process is straightforward - just select your desired blockchain (in this case Polygon) and hit Deploy.


In case of issues review the following:

  • Follow any error messages and amend accordingly
  • All Transitions should specify proper access rights

In case of unresolved issue please contact support (chat on the page or, we are more than happy to help!


Thats it, your first smart contract is now running on blockchain. To test it our Toolblox generates a simple user interface. Click Run to give it a test run.