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AI workflow generation


The AI workflow generation feature is meant to provide assistance and a creative spark to speed up workflow composition. In broad terms it accepts free-text as input and updates the active workflow or creates a new workflow from scratch.

The tool is intended to be used as a way to inject new ideas or approaches into the building process and not to replace the human operator entirely.


AI generated content is not procedural but random in nature - it is based on basic logic and previous experience (test data). Due to this nature it is highly dependent on the input text: what wording is used, how verbose it is (how much details given), etc. Secondly, it could make mistakes - output structures not allowed in a strict workflow or reference capability not yet implemented.


It is very important to always review and audit the generated content. It is recommended to go through each transition one by one and validate that the workflow really makes sense.

New workflow

Hit Generate on home screen to start AI workflow generation.

AI Generation on first page

Enter the desired content and continue.

AI Generation on first page step 2

Existing workflow


At this time there is no undo functionality for AI Generation. This means that the current active workflow is updated in-place. If for any reason it fails to properly generate or corrupts the current active workflow please reload the web page immediately.

AI assistant is also available inside the Contract Maker. It is meant for updating the workflow with new functionality, such as

"add a step for the manager to approve the document before it is sent out".

It can also be used to delete the entire workflow and generate a new content, such as

"create a new workflow for registering coin flips".

AI Generation inside the Contract Maker