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Account Abstraction & Gasless transactions

Toolblox supports gasless (or gas-free) transactions - users are able to execute blockchain transactions without needing to pay any gas fees themselves. This applies to Testnets and Mainnets.

Technically Toolblox is using Ethereum Account Abstraction proposal EIP-4337 (aka smart accounts). In short, it means each user gets its own wallet on blockchain and all operations executed using that wallet get automatically funded by the protocol. There is still a clear chain of ownership, meaning the end-user itself owns that wallet and any assets or currencies that are in the wallet. Toolblox is not acting in any way as a custodian or holding any keys that could be used to compromise the wallet.

The benefit of using gasless transactions with smart accounts is a more seamless experience using any blockchain applications and conducting operations on assets.


Beta restrictions

Currently this feature only applies to subscribed users. In an upcoming release we will be expand gasless transactions to any users who are using workflows and DApps created by subscribers. The goal is to be able to provide a seamless DApp experience to customers who might not be that tech-savvy.


Gasless transactions are only available

  1. to paid subscribers and
  2. (upcoming) to any users using workflows/dapps created by paid subscribers.

The maximum amount of transactions available for each user is 100 / month. If you need more, please contact us at

Supported blockchains

Rollout of new chains is happening in an ongoing basis. Currently these blockchains support using gasless transactions:

  • Polygon Mumbai testnet

Supported features

Gasless transactions apply to these features in Toolblox:

  • Contract Maker - deploying new smart contracts for testing or to mainnet
  • DApps - executing transactions within DApps
  • Asset Dashboard - executing transactions within Asset Dashboard

Turning off gasless transactions

If you prefer yo use your own wallet you can always turn off gasless trasactions and account abstraction under Profile.

As an upcoming feature, to enable the feature per workflow (so that any users are able to use your DApps or interact with your assets in a gasless manner) you need to enable Gasless transactions under Workflow settings.

Another way to turn off Account Abstractions (and also Gasless Transactions) is from the log-in widget on the top right corner:

Set up blockchain id