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Available Widgets


Widgets provide content to a page. They can be configured to appear in a particular location on the page, dependent on the page layout.

Widgets can either load data from blockchain, load static data or submit data to blockchain. For widgets that load data from blockchain two required properties have to be set:

  1. Workflow
  2. State filter - for loading / displaying only items in a particular state.

Widget tasks

Some widgets have outbound links - clickable areas. When the user clicks on this area some tasks will be performed.

These are the tasks which can be configured:

  • Run workflow transition
  • Open new page
  • Store id from workflow transition to session

In this example a new button is added to:

  • Run transition 'Request loan' on blockchain
  • Store the newly added loan application id into session
  • Load details with the new loan application

Widget list

WidgetsLoads from blockchainSaves to blockchainNotes
Blockchain buttonCan be configured to run one or many transition
DetailsDisplays all attributes of an item, optionally with buttons to run transitions
GridSuitable to display visual info (images, maps, etc.)
HTMLfor displaying text or "HTML" content
ListSimilar to Grid but in a list form. Provides also grouping, and auto-sums
StepsLists all the states in the workflow with the current state highlighted
Web ButtonOpens a specified page
WizardSimilar to Details but displays a wizard like interface split using states.