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Intro to dApp builder


Toolblox dApp builder is in ALPHA state - many features are not yet finalized. Use it at your own volition.

Dapp builder features

dApp builder allows to design applications which work on top of smart contracts. Smart contracts provide the storage and logic, blockchain provides the runtime and dApp provides the user interface.

This means that in order to use the Toolblox dApp Builder, Workflows must first be built beforehand. Check Workflow builder for more info.

Combining workflows

While Toolblox generates a simple user interface to test each Workflow separately, the dApp Builder allows to use many Workflows in one application. To add workflows into the dApp just use the search tool:


dApps are fully customizable to your needs. Whether the application is intended for in-house use, for customers or partners, it needs to feel relevant and trustworthy.


Further customization options are under active development - feel free to contact us at with your customization needs.

Intro to basic customizability: